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Viroment delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use and manure management.

We help our customers meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency and reduce life cycle costs at the same time. 

A message from Paul Koenig

"We build and retrofit high-tech agricultural facilities to the world's top pork producers.  Our award-winning manure filtration technology eliminates odors in real time while creating a high-value dry fertilizer.  We filter the manure in real-time every day!"

Our Process

Our technology and systems convert a disposal cost into a profit center.


Traditional facilities use manure management systems that produce high amounts of sludge waste that is extremely costly to dispose of.


The Viroment technology and process reduces greenhouse gases resulting in a healthier growing environment.


The Viroment system separates the water from the solids, disinfects, and recycles it back into the barn pit.


Our technology and process create a high-value, high-demand fertilizer.


Our system minimizes total water usage and eliminates water disposal in lagoons and land application of sludge waste.


By constantly analyzing what is below the slat, we help producers optimize how they feed their animals.

Core Values

Investing In Our Future

Water Conservation

There is a better way to handle livestock waste. Our team is focused on recycling water and creating a cleaner environment for future generations.

Environmental Stewardship

Our team is committed to cleaning the air we breathe every day for our workers and our communities resulting in a massive reduction in greenhouse gases. We help save the planet.

Everyone Wins

True sustainability should be cost-effective and profitable for everyone. Solutions should be easy, affordable, and better for the environment.

Do the Right Thing

We are committed to doing the right thing and creating the pathway for our industry to do the same. Our focus is to research and solve our industry's most challenging problems.

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It’s never too early to discuss a project or to consider the sustainability possibilities for your organization.

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