Paul Koenig

By Paul Koenig

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City lights twinkled in Paul's rearview mirror as he left his central Minnesota hometown (population: a cozy 10,000) for the bustling streets of Minneapolis. Farming, however, remained in his blood. So, when a call came through about his brother's struggles with chicken manure, Paul's curiosity bloomed. Why the astronomical price tag? Turns out, they were hauling tons of water along with the valuable nutrients! Paul, a tech whiz with a farmer's heart, knew this just didn't add up.

Meanwhile, miles away, his old friend Russ, who'd taken over the family farm, faced a similar but smelly situation. Disposing of liquid manure cost a small fortune, and the worst part? Russ knew it held tremendous value for his crops. Frustration mounted.

One call later, a perfect match was made. Paul, with his tech know-how, and Russ, with his generations-deep farming experience, were on the same wavelength. What if they could turn these stinky problems into a solution?

Enter the CarbonSeal™  System! Combining their backgrounds, they created a revolutionary process that transforms manure into a dry, easy-to-use fertilizer. No more backbreaking hauls, no more wasted nutrients – just a powerful plant booster for a greener future. But their vision extended beyond farm fields. They saw a chance to empower everyone to harness the power of nature's own fertilizer, while minimizing environmental impact.
This dry fertilizer, created by the CarbonSeal™ System, boasts a significantly lower Carbon Intensity (CI) score compared to traditional methods. In short, it's good for your plants and good for the planet! Promote explosive growth for everything from your prized houseplants and vibrant gardens to sprawling commercial crops. It's farm-friendly, environmentally sound, and a testament to the power of turning frustration into friendly fertilizer!

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